The new album. Out now on Scuffletown/ATOM.

With roots sunk deep in the same storytelling tradition of Texas singer/songwriters like Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt, Donal Hinely speaks in a voice that is both intimate and authentic. Spinning tales of hard luck, love, missed opportunity and die-hard hope, Hinely writes songs that skirt the outer fringes of country, folk, and straight ahead rock. 

New Record - Dark Horse Days

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Dark Horse Days - Out Now

With echoes of Nick Lowe, Steve Earle, and Robyn Hitchcock, DARK HORSE DAYS was recorded at Inglehood Studios in East Nashville. Produced by Cowboy Keith Thompson, the Scuffletown/ATOM collaboration features 13 brand new songs and draws on a wide range of influences, infusing literate, compelling, and melodically satisfying songs with elements of folk, roots, country, and pop. Emerging from a period of personal grief and uncertainty in which Hinely lost both parents to illness, the album is more a reflection of triumph and redemption than defeat or resignation. In the hands of a stellar band of studio veterans featuring JoeMcMahan (k.d. lang), James“Haggs”  Haggerty (Josh Rouse),  MicahHulscher (Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris)  andMartinLynds (Chuck Mead), Hinely’s meditations on modern life, love, loss, and alienation are transformed into 3 minute celebrations of the human spirit.  Read More...

Just brilliant...has the rare ability to completely engross the listener and transport him or her to another place and time...really good stuff—sharp, insightful writing married to memorable tunes.
— Dave Higgs, Nashville Public Radio
vivid storytelling lyrics peppered with pieces of reality that make each song memorable
— Paste Magazine


Beautiful Americana that speaks effortlessly and honestly to the human condition, celebrating both the heartaches and the little victories of life.
— Editors, CDBaby

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